Welcome to EvanGrass

Evangrass has been in business for over 30 years.


A family business who strive to supply quality instant lawn at wholesale prices.


Nestled in the heart of KZN, Camperdown, there is where you will find us. Our farmlands are covered with hectares of green sweeping lawns overlooking the picturesque Tala Valley.


From 5 different varieties of Instant lawns to compost or topsoil , from runners to grass plugs, from collection to laying , we have been servicing the KZN market for over 40 years and are passionate about transforming your space into the same rolling hills of our valley.

For your environment

home, work, recreation
We supply various types of grass including kikuyu, cynodon, buffalo, berea and anti-erosion vetiver grass. We also do the final raking, fertilizing and laying and rolling of the turf at it’s destination.