Being in the business of supplying quality instant lawn for 39 years and still being family run, you know when you buy from us, you are buying a little piece of history, many years of experience and a lot of passion!

Evangrass was founded by sugarcane farmer Doug Evans and his wife Penny in 1981 to match the increasing demand for instant lawn.

Currently growing five varieties of grass namely Berea, Buffalo, Cynodon, Kikuyu and Royal Blue, Evangrass is situated on 120 hectares in Tala Valley in the Camperdown/ Eston area of KZN.

What we can do for you:

  1. Sale of instant lawn from the farm: Simply place your order by calling (031) 785 1388/1612 and collecting from us on what day suits you.
  2. Delivery of your lawn: Our team of drivers can deliver any quantity of grass you require to anywhere in KZN and the Eastern Cape.
  3. Lawn laying: We come and lay your lawn. This includes fertilizing with 2:3:2 fertilizer, laying out of the sods, rolling the newly laid grass to ensure evenness and watering your newly planted grass.
  4. Compost: Our natural chicken litter-based compost is mixed with compost enhancing products and is made right here on the farm. It provides and improves vital soil nutrients to ensure the sustained growth and long-term health of your lawn.
  5. Pegging: If your garden, or the area you need planted, is on a steep bank, that’s not a problem! We use the “pegging method” of driving wooden stakes/ pegs through the sods into the soil beneath them to hold the grass in place until the roots “take over” and secures the grass.
  6. Strip-sodding: This is a budget friendly way of achieving your lawn goals. Instead of covering a large area with sods, strip-sodding uses half (or even a third) of the amount of grass needed! It is laid/ planted with “gaps” in-between and “filled” with soil and compost. Runners from the grass will make their way across the gaps, connecting each strip until your lawn is covered.
  7. Plugs: We stock Berea, Buffalo and Kearsney trays – with 200 plugs per tray covering an approximate area of 8/10 m2 on the ground, this is an economical alternative to planting sods.

We strive to provide quality instant lawn with impeccable service for our customers always.

Order your lawn from us today.

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