We’ve all heard that preparation is key to success. So is proper soil preparation in setting the tone for a lush lawn that will thrive throughout 2023! Follow our tried and tested advice with these four easy steps to help ensure your lawn flourishes.

Test the soil

We recommend that you take the guess-work out of healthy lawn maintenance by testing your soil with a pH soil testing kit that can be found at your local garden centre or nursery. Most grass varieties prefer a slightly acidic soil, ideally ranging between 6.0 to 7.0 pH.

Soil correction

Now that you’ve tested your soil, you may need to make some corrections if your soil’s pH is too high or too low. If your soil tests in the ideal range, congratulations – you can skip this step! If the soil’s pH is below 6.0 then this can be corrected by adding lime to reduce the acidity. If the pH is above 7.0 then add sulfur to the soil.

Soil preparation

It’s time to remove any weeds that have popped up. Give yourself a little workout by hand-pulling weeds, or if you would rather skip the elbow-grease, apply an appropriate herbicide. If you chose the latter then wait about 2 weeks for the herbicide to work its magic, then you can start removing the old grass and weeds with a rake and fork.

Compost is king

Give your instant lawn the best chance at thriving by digging over the soil to about 2cm and then applying a healthy amount of compost to the soil. Use a garden rake to evenly spread the compost and ensure that any holes, bumps or divots in the soil are evened out or filled in. Bring out your trusty watering can or hosepipe and water deeply to ensure that the nutrients from the compost seep down into the soil.

Now that you are ready to order and lay instant lawn, give us a call! We have beautiful new fields of instant lawn just waiting to make your garden beautiful!

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