Ongoing research continues to uncover previously unidentified environmental, economic, health and safety benefits to natural grass. We’ve always known that grass is an important part of life (because we’re obsessed with it), but are you aware of the many benefits your lawn provides?

Here are six benefits to your grass:

1: Improves air quality.

Grass is a living organism. Like trees, grass takes carbon dioxide and converts it into simple sugars to use as food in the little process we know as photosynthesis, releasing oxygen as a by-product into the atmosphere. Just 232m2 area of grass produces enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe! In addition to this, this amount of grass also traps 12 tons of dirt and dust released into the atmosphere annually!

2: Aids as a pollution filter.

A dense vegetative cover of grass can reduce pollution and runoff. More precisely, a soccer field can absorb 189270,59 litres before runoff occurs. The fibrous root systems of grass aid in stabilizing soil thereby reducing erosion and preventing movement of sediment into rivers.

3: Stormwater management.

Landscaped areas stop pollutants from moving through the soil into water supplies or from entering surface water runoff. Grasses filter stormwater excess and halt pollutants from entering the water table.

4: Heat management.

On a hot summers day, a well-maintained lawn area will be at least 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler then bare soil. The environmental cooling effect of grass can be compared to air conditioning, while an average home air conditioner has a three to four ton capacity, studies have found that the cooling effect of an “average sized lawn” is equal to nine tons of air conditioning. A single rugby field would produces about 70 tons of air cooling!

5: Wellness and stress.

Green spaces have been proven to improve wellness and reduce stress. Plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression. People who live or work in an environment with a view of lawns and nature compared to an urban view, were found to recover from stress more quickly.

6: Health

Walking barefoot on grass will help stimulate your body and can even improve eye health! The reflexology points in your feet are connected to all different parts of your body, so when you stimulate these by walking barefoot on grass, you are relieving yourself of ailments and keeping your body healthy.

There are so many phenomenal benefits to a healthy lawn! Get your living lawn from us today!



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