Ever thought of planting grass seed? There are so many advantages to using seed – low initial cost, low labour investment and a large variety of lawn choices!


Dactyloctenium Australe, the well-know and very popular LM or Berea grass, is a lawn that spreads by means of stolons or runners, that form a lush green carpet in sun and shade. Here are some tips when planting your LM grass seed…


Benefits of LM/ Berea

  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent tolerance to drought and heat
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions
  • Moderate traffic tolerance
  • Grows well in sun or shade


What you need to sow grass seed

  • Garden fork
  • Metal rake
  • Lawn dressing – we supply a product that has proven success our farm
  • Superphosphate
  • Balanced compost – ask us about our superior product created in-house
  • Garden spade or roller
  • Fine sand
  • Hose pipe/ sprinkler


What to do:

  1. Prepare the planting area by turning over the soil with a garden fork and rake the surface to a fine tilth.
  2. Add compost or lawn dressing to the surface as well as 50g of superphosphate per square metre. Dig in thoroughly and rake the surface again.
  3. Mix the LM seed with some finely milled compost to bulk up the sowing mixture. This helps to spread the seed evenly.
  4. Scatter the mix of one 30g packet evenly over 10m2 of soil surface. Rake in extremely lightly so the seeds are covered by 3mm of soil. Roll the surface with a garden roller or pat down with the back of a spade.
  5. Water properly ensuring that no large puddles form. Keep the surface moist until the seeds have germinated and the grass is growing well.


Post-planting care and maintenance

  • Once the grass is about 60mm tall, mow for the first time on the highest setting (about 40mm). Then continue to mow twice a week.
  • Water the lawn regularly while it is establishing itself. It can tolerate dry periods but may turn brown during periods of insufficient water.
  • Feed your lawn with fertiliser four times per year.


We supply an array of grass seed options from Mayford Seeds; offering a unique range of rehabilitation grass mixes that were developed to suit specific climatic regions within SA.


If you are looking to plant lawn seeds, contact us on to place an order!

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