Not getting the results you want from your lawn after cutting it? There’s actually an art to making sure that you are mowing your lawn for longevity; the problem is that there is so much advice it can be hard to know what the right thing to do is! Take it from us, with over 30 years of experience growing and supplying healthy lawn, we can help you achieve your lawn goals.

Top tips for mowing lawn

1: Always mow dry lawn.

The optimum time to mow your lawn in is in the late afternoon, when the temperatures have cooled down a bit and the grass is dry. Mowing lawn while still wet from rain or dew, could lead to uneven trims, and the wet clippings may also clog your mower, causing your mower to “dump” wet grass onto your lawn which may smother the underlying grass, resulting in brown spots. Not to mention the damage to the blades!

2: Be sharp!

Keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades may tear up grass and leave ragged brown edges. Continuous use of a blunt mower blade puts strain on your lawn over time making it susceptible to insect damage, disease, drought and heat. Having a sharp blade will create cleaner cuts and a happier lawn.

3: Rows or spirals?

The big question is whether to mow your lawn in rows or a spiral pattern? Neither is better or worse for the health of your lawn; this is purely a personal preference; remember to consider the shape and obstacles you have in your garden to find the easiest method for you!

4: Power of grass clippings.

Grass clippings turn into a natural fertilizer and are the key ingredient to keeping your grass healthy; and once decomposed, release a lot of goodness back into the soil, helping the grass grow greener, healthier and thicker. Thin out the clippings with a rake once you have mown to appear less unsightly and to assist with faster decomposition.

5: Vary your patterns.

For the best results, change up your mowing patterns each time. Mowing in the same pattern can be destructive as it compacts the soil into ruts, the grass will grow and lean in the same direction you mow it. Varying your patterns will allow the grass to grow more upright and grow over the ruts.

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