Instead of chucking your freshly mowed grass cuttings into that black bag and into the rubbish, there are so many different ways to use them in your garden that will give your plants extra nutrients and the boost they need.

Here are our top uses for grass cuttings:

  1. Add to compost

Grass cuttings are a great source of nitrogen and break down quickly. Mix them well with some shredded paper, straw, cardboard or other fibrous materials and add to the compost heap.

  1. Use as mulch in garden beds

If you are wanting to retain moisture in your soil for your plants, water a little less, suppress weeds and feed your plants over time, then try using grass cuttings as a mulch. Simply spread a thick layer around your plants and beds and top up as necessary throughout the season.

  1. Use as a mulch for grass

The cut grass breaks down and feeds the lawn and you don’t need to lug a heavy bag of grass cuttings about! If you have bagged up your lawn cuttings, spread them across the grass to provide a natural fertilizer. Try to thinly spread the cut grass so ensure you do not block the light and, in the process, kill the grass underneath.

  1. As a mulch for planting containers

In hot weather, containers and pots dry out very quickly as the whole container is heated up by the sun. A thick layer of grass cuttings in the container around your plants will help retain a bit more moisture.

  1. Make into a liquid feed

Liquid organic fertilizers are seemingly more popular year on year in the store, but you can make your own liquid plant feed by steeping a couple of handfuls of cut grass in a bucket of water. Keep the water indoors to reduce mosquitoes.

  1. Layer in a raised bed

If you are building a raised bed in your garden, use a thick layer of grass cuttings to provide nutrients and as well as build up the bed which will use less (more expensive) compost.

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