While that familiar, but sometimes deafening, “Ha ha haaaaa” can be annoying to some, it’s the sound of a happy and healthy lawn for us! Why? Because the Hadeda Ibis is incredibly beneficial for your garden’s ecosystem.


Here’s why this notorious, proudly South African bird is so good for your lawn and how to invite them into your garden.


Benefits of Hadedas in the garden:

Although Hadedas have been known to occasionally eat dog food from bowls left outside, they are carnivorous birds whose natural diet consists of earthworms, crickets, spiders, slugs and snails. Your lawn happens to be the perfect feeding ground! As Hadedas plunge their long-curved bills into the soil in search for food, the noisy bird is also aerating your soil! BONUS!


This avian aerator helps vital resources like air, water and nutrients get down to the grass’ roots, allowing your lawn to grow thick, deep and strong roots. Apart from aerating your lawn, Hadedas help keep insect populations under control, which is good news for your plants.


How to invite Hadedas to your garden:

Hadedas build their nests in the fork of large trees, but if you have a garden filled with trees and little lawn space, you may be discouraging their regular visits. Hadedas prefer large open areas of grass, which is why they are often seen on sports fields, golf courses and in large gardens. If you’re thinking about inviting Hadedas to your garden, then consider trimming back large trees and bushes, and maximizing your lawn coverage to make space for them to work their magic.


Just as humans enjoy cooling down on a hot day, so do Hadedas! If you have a swimming pool, you might have noticed a few Hadedas hanging out on the pool steps. If you don’t have a swimming pool, consider investing in a bird bath or even a water feature. This will not only add tranquility to your garden space, but it will also work well in attracting these hardworking birds to your garden.



So, the next time you hear that familiar ha-ha haaaaaa, smile and invite them to stick around to help out in your garden!


Don’t have a lush lawn to share with your feathered friends? Let us change that for you! Contact us for all your instant lawn needs by emailing us on office@evangrass.co.za or call us on (031) 784 1388/1612.

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