Your garden is a space where you can wind-down after a day’s work, spend time with your loved ones and relax! We believe that we all need a little green in our lives… whether you have a massive garden or just a small balcony to grow some life on, we have some upcoming trends for you!

Wild gardens

Make your garden a haven for bees, birds, butterflies by letting plants and flowers grow wild. More so now than ever, garden gurus are planting flowers to encourage wildlife and insects. Opt for single-flowering varieties of plants and open flowers.

Permaculture gardening

This holistic approach to gardening – also known as ‘permanent agriculture’, is one that works with natural forces to provide food, shelter and water for your garden. From the wind, sun and rain, the key principle behind permaculture garden is that you are replicating patterns of growth and harvests that occur naturally.

Balcony gardens

This ever-growing trend is at its all-time high after the worlds lockdowns and people feeling the need to reconnect with nature. 2021 we’ll see more city-dwellers turning their balcony’s into urban jungles with a variety of different plants.

Top balcony-growing plants include: Hibiscus, Agapanthus, Spekboom, Forest bell bush and Orange Jasmine.

Windowsill garden

Whether you live in a house, flat or share a house with others, make the most of your windowsills by transforming them into an indoor jungle. Some of the best plants to consider include ones that will add a little something extra to your cooking such as herbs, chilli, pea shoots and the likes.

Grass is key

Last but not least, the all-important grass… there is nothing like the smell of freshly mown lawn or the feel of walking on it. No matter your style, the trend or the size of your garden, a beautiful lawn is a winner no matter the season!

Everyone deserves a space where they can forget the worries of the world and just relax. Contact us on office@evangrass.co.za for all your instant lawn needs.

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