Hey there, Tanya Visser!

Hey there, Tanya Visser!

We recently got a visit from the garden guru herself, Tanya Visser! She came to share her expert lawn tips with us, covering everything from prepping your ground, to the after care of your newly planted instant lawn… And as per usual she made gardening fun!

Here are just some of the tips that Tanya shared with us:

Soil preparation

Proper preparation of your soil is vital for your lawn’s success. First things first, clear your area, remove all rubble and old plants. Rake the area and spray with water to moisten the soil.

Laying of lawn

Lay your lawn the day it arrives! Start laying the turf along a straight side, butting the ends close together. In subsequent rows, stagger the joints like brickwork, making sure that there are no gaps (this helps control weed growth between sections).

Watering & Mowing

Now that your lawn is all laid out, you are going to need to mow and water correctly to ensure the health of your new grass. It is very important to start watering the turf as soon as you have laid it. Never let it dry out in the first 2-3 weeks. When you water, make sure that the underside of the turf, and the first 50mm of topsoil, is damp. Grass takes about two months in summer and three months in winter before it settles in after you have mowed it a few times. Consider fertilising the turf with compost about 2 – 3 months after laying to give it that extra boost.


Watch Tanya’s full video here and see the garden guru in action for yourself!

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