A healthy and green lawn is achievable when you know the do’s and don’ts of basic lawn maintenance. Here are our 5 simple guidelines to help your lawn thrive!

DO water often

Your lawn is a plant and plants need water! Watering your lawn regularly is crucial to ensuring your grass grows lush and soft blades. Just be sure to never water your lawn when the sun is at its peak, as the heat of the sun can actually scorch your wet grass. Watering your lawn in the early mornings or late afternoons will give your grass the time it needs to properly absorb the moisture.

DON’T over or under water

A big part of lawn care is finding the happy-medium between too much and not enough water, both of which can be quite bad for your lawn. If you notice any runoff or puddles forming on the grass, try watering at a slower, less intense rate. Too much water can damage the root systems and make your lawn prone to fungal growth. On the other hand, under watering your lawn can cause the grass to grow shallow shoots and dry out.

DO mow often

When you cut your lawn regularly it helps keep the ends healthy and stimulates grass growth. That’s why we recommend mowing your lawn to a height of about 3cm once a week during the growing season, and about every two weeks during the colder months.

DON’T mow wet grass

For those avid lawnmower lovers, it might be tempting to start mowing in the early mornings while the grass is still wet with dew. Please resist this urge! Mowing wet grass can result in an unsightly and uneven cut, cause root damage and even spread disease! Not to mention it causes a serious build-up in your lawnmower.

DO fertilise and compost

This is a key ingredient to ensuring your lawn is the healthiest it can be! If you opt to use store-bought fertiliser, be sure to avoid fertilising on extremely hot days as this can burn your grass. If you’re more keen on a natural approach, mulched grass clippings also make for an excellent fertiliser! Composting is yet another vital component to a healthy lawn. Compost adds a variety of nutrients and good microorganisms to your soil, making for happy grass. Our chicken litter-based compost is mixed with growth-enhancing products and is left to mature to ensure maximum nutrient absorption!

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