DIY self-watering planters: A smart solution while on holiday

DIY self-watering planters: A smart solution while on holiday

For passionate gardeners, nurturing plants can be both a delight and a responsibility. As the festive season approaches, you may want to make a plan to water those plants while on holiday. How can you ensure your beloved plants stay hydrated during your absence? Introducing DIY self-watering planters.

These ingenious creations, made from simple materials like plastic bottles, can help keep your garden flourishing while helping you recycle those pesky plastics. They provide a consistent water supply to your plants, avoiding the cycle of drought and flood. With even moisture, your plants are less susceptible to stress, wilting, or diseases caused by inconsistent watering.

• A plastic bottle (1-2 litres, depending on your planter’s size)
• A plastic or ceramic container (pots work great)
• A wicking material (like cotton string or fabric)


1. Rinse out the plastic bottle and remove any labels. This bottle will serve as the water reservoir.
2. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut off the bottom (opposite side of cap) of the bottle. This is where the water will be stored.
3. Create a hole in the cap that is big enough to insert your wicking material. Keep the cap on, as it will help control the water flow.
4. Take your wicking material (cotton string or fabric) and cut it into a piece long enough to reach from the soil surface in your planter to the bottom of the plastic bottle.
5. Insert one end of the wick into the plastic bottle through the cap. Leave the other end hanging out of the bottle. This wick will transport water from the reservoir to the soil.
6. Place the plastic bottle, cap side down, into the soil.
7. Fill the plastic bottle reservoir with water. The wick will draw water from the bottle to the soil as needed.

With your self-watering planter in place, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained garden, when you get back from your holiday and when daily life gets busy.

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