Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of year… The festive season always finds a way to make life seem a little more magical; maybe it’s the mince pies and roast gammon, the twinkling lights, or perhaps it’s the laughter shared with family who we haven’t seen for a while?


Whatever it is, we can all agree that the holidays are by far the best time of the year. And the bonus to living in our beautiful country is that our festive season is HOT! Begone with gathering the whole family into one stuffy room in the house, instead take the festivities outdoors into your beautiful blossoming garden – let’s take Christmas outside this year!


Here’s what you’ll need to host a memorable outdoor Christmas celebration.



Green up your lawn:

Your lawn is going to be the backdrop for your feast. Proper lawn care and maintenance should start in November (now!) to give your lawn enough time to show signs that it has been properly cared for. Come Christmas day, you’ll be glad that you put in the work early!


Start off by weeding your lawn, leveling out any humps or bumps and filling divots with compost. Water and mow your lawn at least once a week in the days leading up to Christmas. Watering can be tricky in summer, but we recommend that you water your lawn deeply, not daily. Your lawn should be getting about 3 to 3.5cm of water a week during the warmer months.



Tidy up the garden:

Now that you’ve taken care of your grass, it’s time to get to work on your plants – dead leaves and messy hedges don’t scream Christmas cheer! Snip off any dead leaves, dead buds and cut back overgrown bushes and tree branches. Some simple tidying up will work wonders on making your garden look neat and well-loved.


If you have any items lying around in your garden, it’s time to pack them away. Bags of compost, wood piles and garden tools can get packed into the garden shed or garage until your celebration is over. This includes old, weather-damaged children’s toys that have been left outside, and this includes cracked garden gnomes too! Packing away these items will make all the difference in sprucing up your garden.



Insect repellent:

This is must, but we’re not talking about insect sprays. Burning lemongrass oil in a lantern will do just as well at keeping annoying mosquitos and bugs at bay, and it smells amazing too! You don’t necessarily need to burn oil. If you have lemongrass or lavender growing in your garden, then plant some into a pretty pot. Now you have a beautiful decoration for your party and an insect repellent too!



Make it festive:

Now comes the fun part, making everything look festive! A string of lights wrapped around a tree or dangling on your veranda instantly turns your garden into a Christmas wonderland. Add a few festive colours to your outdoor table to really get into the spirit of the season – think red and gold table cloths, napkins and candles! Since there’s no time to plant seedlings, consider buying potted red flowers like Poinsettia to use a table centre piece.



Having trouble getting your lawn into shape for the festive season? Contact us for all your instant lawn needs by emailing us on office@evangrass.co.za or call us on (031) 784 1388/1612.

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