Keeping your lawn looking respectable and healthy can be a challenge we know! The secret is in the foundations, the soil preparation, in laying of the lawn and in long term maintenance. Follow our guide below and you can be sure to have the best lawn in the neighbourhood!

Which is the grass for you?

Different types of grass thrive in different areas, soil conditions and climates, so choosing the best lawn to suit your situation is crucial! We stock five different grass varieties to suit all areas.

1: Royal Blue (RD93) is adapted to range of soil types but can only grow in full sunlight and is frost tolerant.

2: Kikuyu grows best in moist and disturbed soil but is not recommended for coastal areas.

3: Cynodon is drought tolerant but is unable to grow in shade.

4: Berea grows in shade and sandy soils and can tolerate full sun.

5: The mighty Buffalo grass grows well in shade and in all soil types.

Soil preparation

Proper preparation of your soil is vital for your lawn’s success. First things first, clear your area, remove all rubble and old plants. Rake the area and spray with water to moisten the soil. If you are removing old lawn, you may need to spray the area with glyphosate (Roundup) to kill the old grass and weeds so it can’t affect your new lawn.

Laying of lawn

Lay your lawn the day it arrives. Start laying the turf along a straight side, butting the ends close together. In subsequent rows, stagger the joints like brickwork, making sure that there are no gaps (this helps control weed growth between sections). You may need to peg grass on sloping areas to prevent movement.

Watering & Mowing

Now that your lawn is all laid out you are going to need to mow and water correctly to ensure the health of your new grass. It is very important to start watering the turf as soon as you have laid it. Never let it dry out in the first 2-3 weeks. When you water, make sure that the underside of the turf and the first 50mm of topsoil is damp. Grass takes about six months before it settles in after you have mowed it a few times. Consider fertilising the turf with compost about 2 – 3 months after laying to give it that extra boost.

Alternatively our skilled team will come and do the hard work for you! Contact us today for your perfect instant lawn (031) 785 1388/ 1612.

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