Insect-friendly gardens: Welcoming pollinators

Insect-friendly gardens: Welcoming pollinators

As the sun warms up our gardens as summer approaches, there’s a symphony of life just waiting to unfold. With some thoughtful planning and care, your garden can become a haven for the essential pollinators that make the magic of nature happen.

A garden buzzing with life is a captivating and serene place, where the delicate dance of butterflies and the hum of busy bees become a part of your daily routine. Increased pollination in your garden will likely lead to a more bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, and seeds. By supporting these valuable creatures, you’re not only helping your garden flourish but also contributing to global food security.

7 tips for creating an insect-friendly garden

  1. Plant what they love: The term “pollinators” doesn’t just refer to bees; don’t forget about butterflies and other insects as well. Similarly, flowers aren’t the only thing they are attracted to. For a full list of pollinator attracting flowers, shrubs, climbers and trees, click here.
  2. Diversity is key: Aim for a variety of flowering plants with different shapes, sizes, and colours. This diversity will attract a broader range of pollinators.
  3. Continuous blooms: Select plants that bloom at different times throughout the summer, providing a continuous source of nectar and pollen for insects.
  4. Shelter and water: Provide shelter for insects through the inclusion of nesting sites like bee hotels or bundles of hollow stems. A shallow dish of water with rocks for perching can also help quench their thirst.
  5. Avoid pesticides: Minimise or eliminate the use of pesticides in your garden, as they can harm pollinators. Choose natural pest control methods when needed.
  6. Sun and wind protection: Create windbreaks and ensure your garden receives plenty of sunlight, as these factors will make it more attractive to pollinators.
  7. Educate yourself: Take the time to learn about the specific pollinators in your area, their needs, and how you can best support them. Knowledge is a powerful tool for conservation.

Not only will implementing these pollinator-friendly tips create a more stable and resilient ecosystem in your garden, the plant diversity in your garden adds aesthetic beauty through contrasting heights, textures and colours.

As summer arrives in all its glory, it’s the perfect time to transform your outdoor space into a haven for pollinators, all while enjoying the mesmerising beauty of nature’s miniature gardeners.

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