6 Effective Ways To Use Fallen Leaves This Autumn

6 Effective Ways To Use Fallen Leaves This Autumn

A slow but steady chill is starting to creep in, and as we edge towards winter, the barren trees start to leave their once-green foliage scattered across the ground. Worry not – this inconvenient seasonal occurrence can be beneficial for our gardens in preparing them for winter! The trick is to know how to make the best use of autumn leaves!

1. Mulching: Shredded or whole leaves can be used as mulch around garden beds, trees, and shrubs. Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds and adds organic matter as the leaves decompose. This is particularly useful in vegetable gardens!

2. Composting: Fallen leaves are an excellent source of carbon for your compost pile. Layer them with nitrogen-rich materials like kitchen scraps or grass clippings to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

3. Soil amendment: Incorporating shredded leaves into your garden soil in autumn, allows them to decompose over winter, which enriches the soil for spring planting.

4. Insulation: Pile leaves around the base of tender plants to protect them from frost damage during the winter months. This provides insulation and helps regulate soil temperature.

5. Wildlife habitat: If leaves land in an area without lawn or garden beds, leave a portion of fallen leaves undisturbed to create a habitat for beneficial insects, worms and other garden-friendly wildlife. This will help support biodiversity and help maintain a healthy garden ecosystem.

6. Pathway Covering: use leaves to create natural pathways in your garden. Simply pile them up, trample and flatten them down to create a stable walking surface that will gradually decompose and enrich the soil.

Give your garden the nutrients it needs to survive winter by implementing these small changes into your autumn garden maintenance and you will thank yourself by springtime. Should you need compost, topsoil, or grass, chat to us on (076) 399 4688 or email us on office@evangrass.co.za.

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