Finding the right variety of instant lawn for your garden isn’t always as easy as one two three!

With many varieties available, each with its own set of pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, when to plant, how much to water, what soil types are best, the list is endless…the decision can be a bit overwhelming to say the least!

And then there are the major decisions such as do you opt for a perennial species that requires a maintenance schedule, or do you go for the low-maintenance lawn? Who knew there were so many decisions to be made just when selecting your lawn?

Luckily and rather unbelievably there is an indigenous lawn variety which ticks all the boxes – the mighty Buffalo grass, otherwise known as Stenotaphrum Secondatum, which offers a unique solution.

Buffalo grass has several benefits and advantages that makes this species a must-have for any garden or commercial landscape.

Buffalo grass is identified by its grey- or bluish green colour and grows well in a variety of environments and conditions. Indigenous to the coastal areas of South Africa, this shortgrass is perfect for lawns as it quickly spreads to form a dense carpet.

Buffalo grass is a top choice thanks to its love for warmer climates and drought-resistant characteristics. Despite faring better in warmer climates, it still does very well against harsher, colder weather as well. It’s fine-textured blades and deep root systems are an excellent option for erosion control. It thrives in most soil types and conditions, making it an adaptive species. Not only that, but among its fellow lawn species, it requires the least amount of maintenance and attention.

Watering is best done frequently and quickly to avoid over-saturating the soil.

In winter, this lawn will often go dormant. You can, however, maintain a healthy green appearance with the proper care. In summer, this warm-season grass will thrive, meaning you will need to up your maintenance game!

It’s no wonder Buffalo grass is an overall favourite for instant lawn. Low maintenance across the seasons, it’s affordable and won’t disappoint.

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