It’s important to know how to sift out the gold from the dirt – always looks for reputable sources of information from brands that specialise in lawn. Rest assured tried, tested and credible information and advice can always be found at Evangrass.

Here are 5 myths about lawn care in KZN this winter, busted:



“There’s nothing you can do to stop frost from killing your lawn!”

Frost is not guaranteed to kill your lawn because damage will only occur if frost can make its way down to the grass’ root structure. Laying down a compost barrier will help protect your lawn from frost.



“Your lawn will get damaged during winter, no matter where you live.”

While some areas do experience harsh winter weather that can cause damage to lawns, not all areas in KZN experience such severe conditions. Coastal areas tend to be warmer than inland areas, making for a lawn-friendly climate throughout the year.



“Watering your lawn in winter will make your grass freeze from the roots up.”

This can happen, but it depends on your watering schedule! It’s best to water your lawn in the early mornings when the sun is out as this will help thaw the frost. Avoid watering your lawn in the late afternoon, the water droplets could freeze as the temperature starts to drop.



“If grass isn’t green, then it’s dead.”

Grass doesn’t always appear bright green in winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Some lawn varieties will start showing shades of purple or brown as it goes dormant during winter, and then will return to a vibrant green in spring.



“It’s a bad idea to mow your lawn during winter.”

It’s important that you mow your lawn to keep it healthy! In winter, it’s better to keep your grass longer as this helps protect the grass’ root structure; so be sure to just trim the tops off.


TOP WINTER TIP: Counteract the effects of winter with compost. Aerate your soil with a garden fork and apply compost to the surface of your aerated lawn. Using the back of a rake, spread the compost evenly across your lawn.

Our chicken litter-based compost is supported with enhancing products and is carefully monitored to ensure it is high in nitrogen and phosphorus to allow for healthy root development and increased disease resistance.


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