Are you dreaming of a new lawn but are concerned about the cost? Well, did you know that you don’t have to cover every inch of your soil with sods when laying instant lawn? Yip, it’s called strip-sodding – and it’s the perfect solution to a brand-new lawn on a budget! 

How it works:

Instead of covering a large area with grass sods from one end to the other, strip-sodding uses half (or even less!) the amount of grass needed. Each sod is laid/ planted with “gaps” in-between and “filled” with soil and compost. Initially, your garden will look a little bit odd with these gaps, but with careful management (regular watering and weeding), runners from each strip will make their way across the gaps, connecting each strip until eventually you have a beautiful new lawn at half the cost!

The benefits:

  • Let’s start with the big one – strip-sodding is cost effective
  • Strip sodding is a faster way of ensuring lawn coverage than runners or plugs
  • It is much less time consuming to plant strip sods than the other low-cost option of planting plugs or runners – particularly if you are covering a large area
  • Unlike plugs, strip-sodding offers less opportunity for weeds to develop as the sods come from a controlled, weed-free environment.

Strip-sodding varieties:

  • Berea
  • Cynodon
  • Buffalo
  • Kikuyu

Strip-sodding is best done by a team of experts that understand the grass varieties optimal growth, so let us do the hard work for you!

Our laying prices include raking to remove clods and small stones, fertilizing, laying, rolling and watering of sods.


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