Services We Offer

Collection from the farm

You can collect directly from our farm in Tala Valley.

Orders need to be placed a day in advance and you can collect between 09h30 and 15h00 Monday to Friday



We deliver any quantity you require anywhere in and around Kwa Zulu Natal.

Delivery charges are quantity and location dependent.


Laying the Lawn

We lay the lawn on your already prepared areas.

Laying includes fertilizing with 2:3:2 fertilizer, placing the sods, rolling and watering them.

Pegging can be done on steep slopes.

Charges for this service are also quantity and location dependent.


Lawn care guidelines

We advise all our customers read these lawn care guidelines


Guidelines for planting Instant lawn:

1. Ensure the area you will be laying the lawn has been cleared of all weeds, grass, stones or cement and the soil has been loosened and levelled. Remember the lawn will take the exact level it is laid onto.

2. Topsoil is recommended if the existing soil consists of clay, sand, or builders have damaged the top soil from builder’s rubble.

3. You can either apply compost (We recommend Farmyard organics) or you can apply 2.3.4 fertilizer on to the soil before planting of the lawn.

4. Start by planting the sods furthest away from you so as not to damage the lawn which has been planted.

5. Place the sods onto the soil and roll the sod out. Making sure not to pack them too tightly together. Try and stretch them as much as possible without breaking them apart. If there is a slight gap between the joining sods you can apply compost between them. Once the grass starts to grow, the sods will bind and grow together.

6. Water, water AND water. You should be able to see water soaking through the layer of topsoil if you lift the sod. When you walk on the lawn it should feel “squishy” beneath your feet.

7. If you have access to a roller, roll your lawn otherwise you can use the back of a shovel to pat the grass down. The sods need to bind with the soil below.

Guidelines for care and maintenance of lawn:

1. Once the lawn has been planted ensure that water is applied once a day for the first week. It is advisable to water in the early morning or late afternoon.

2. If you are finding that the levels in certain areas are not great, you can apply compost gradually to correct the level. Take care not to apply a very thick layer as it will smother the lawn below.

3. The first cut can be given around three weeks; this does depend on the weather. In summer, if we are having great conditions you may find the lawn will need to be cut after two weeks. Ensure your lawn mower is on its highest setting.

4. Once you have given the lawn its first cut we recommend you apply a thin top dressing of compost to boost the root growth.

Remember, what you put in is what you get out. Thank you for your support. Please don’t

hesitate to contact us if you require further information.