While autumn can leave the garden looking messy, there’s a plus side to all those fallen leaves – nutrients! It’s a great time to start raking up all those dead leaves and putting them to good use in getting your lawn ready for winter.

Firstly, it’s important to note that leaving these leaves on your lawn can cause some serious damage – blocking out sunshine and inhibiting grass growth.

Taking the time to rake up these leaves will do your lawn a world of good and it makes for a great full body workout! If you’re not keen on spending your whole afternoon raking up fallen leaves, a leaf blower will do the job quickly and effortlessly.

Now that you have a manageable pile to work with, keep in mind the nutrients that these leaves could provide for your garden. On their own, they don’t assist in providing plant nutrients, but they will make a great addition to your compost pile.

If there are only a few dry leaves scattered across your lawn, you can also chop them up by going over them with a lawn mower or a brush cutter, leaving you with leaf litter which decomposes faster than whole leaves. As leaf litter breaks down it also returns precious nutrients and organic matter to your soil – a great way to naturally renew your lawn.

Come springtime, you’ll reap the rewards of leaf litter. Caterpillars burrow underneath leaf litter and transform into pupae during the winter months. Once spring arrives, these little pupae turn into butterflies and work as pollinators for your garden.

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