Keep your newly planted grass healthy ~ top guidelines for maintaining a beautiful lawn.

  1. Water well once a day for the first week after planting, either in the early mornings or late afternoons.
  2. Apply compost to even out levels for that golf course look! When spreading the compost, turn your rake backwards and pull the compost over the grass filling the gaps, taking care not to apply too thickly. Repeat this step again once the grass has grown through the compost. Put the effort in now and reap the rewards later!
  3. We recommend that once you can’t “lift” the lawn, to give it its first cut. To do this, grab the top of the grass blades and gently try to pull the sod up, if it doesn’t lift then it’s good to be cut.
  4. Set the lawn mower on the highest setting. Very important! Do not cut the roots, just “nip” the tops of the blades off.
  5. After its first cut, we recommend you apply a thin top dressing of compost once again, this time to boost root growth.
  6. Always order Evangrass – to ensure quality instant lawn as grown by experts. With over 30 years in the business, our methods and quality are tried and tested!

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