Winter is on its way! It is time to get into gear and put measures into place to care for your lawn during the colder/dryer months. Here are some common winter lawn problems and solutions…

Problem: Keeping up a lush, green lawn in dry areas during winter can be difficult. Even in the winter, grass needs moisture, and cold weather can damage your grass and soil by drying it out.

Solution: Water your lawn daily (when the sun is out early in the morning) for five minutes to gently remove the frost and to keep the grass from drying out too much.


Problem: Frost will kill your lawn, there’s nothing you can do about it. Your lawn will only be damaged if frost gets into the root structure of your lawn. Compost is a good barrier to frost!

Solution: Fertilize your lawn according to the seasons. Use a fertilizer high in phosphate during winter, to encourage root development. Our compost, that is chicken-litter based, is designed for this.

Wintergrass (Poa annua):
Problem: Wintergrass is a common lawn pest during winter is a light green, finely leafed grass that spreads and causes damage if left unattended. It has a web-like, shallow root system that chokes the root system of a lawn; making it an extremely effective invader that grows healthily, particularly in shady areas or where it is damp.

Solution: Water deeply but infrequently to help your grass develop long, healthy roots. Regular grass can withstand a little drought but wintergrass will be challenged by dry conditions. Remove small patches of wintergrass by pulling. Fortunately, the roots are shallow and controlling a few weeds isn’t difficult.

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