About Us

Evangrass has been in business for approximately 30 years.

We are a family run business who strive to supply quality instant lawn at wholesale prices.

Evangrass was started by Wynne’s father, Doug Evans in 1981, as a side line to growing vegetables in Tala Valley. The business has gone from strength to strength to match the ever increasing demand for Instant Lawn. Marc joined Evangrass in 1997 to assist with the running of the business.

The Evangrass Team consists of Marc, Wynne, Nabila, Lance, Ryan and Cecil as well as our truck drivers and farm workers. Currently we grow 5 varieties of Instant Lawn on 120 hectares within the Tala Valley in the Camperdown/Eston area. The varieties include Berea, Buffalo, Cynodon, Kikuyu and RD 93 (Royal Blue). Additionally we offer compost, top soil and all the grass varieties in plug form including Kearsney.

Meet the team

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Marc grew up in a farm environment and is a qualified engineering surveyor. He oversees all aspects of our operation and has an extensive knowledge in grass farming . He strives to offer top quality service to you at all times. Marc enjoys mountain biking, running, fishing and playing squash.

Office Manager


Wynne took the over the office from her mother in 1998, after completing her nursing degree. She is very passionate about the business and has a keen interest in the running of the farm. She loves gardening, sports, reading, painting and spending time with her kids, friends and family.

Nabila is part of our family. She has been with us for over 5 years and is a huge asset in our business. She is the first point of contact with you from beginning to end. Nabila has a degree in Business Management. She loves reading and enjoys spending time with friends and family.