With the move to Level 4 of lockdown, we were delighted to be given the green light to trade once again.

During the 4 weeks of lockdown, our fields were given a well-deserved break and have flourished with the recent rains and wonderful autumn sunshine, and are ready and waiting to be now be reaped!

Choosing the right grass for your garden is the first but critical step in getting the garden of your dreams and ensuring your future garden is a success.

We currently stock five grass varieties to suit any and all garden and landscaping needs.


Grows well in any soil type and has excellent tolerance to drought, cold climates, and foot traffic. It grows well in light shade and has a slightly course texture.



Berea or LM

A popular indigenous lawn which grows in shade and/or sun and prefers sandy soils.





Cynodon is a drought resistant grass and is a great soil stabilizer. This grass does not grow in shade.




Grows best in moist and disturbed soils. It is a good pastured grass but is not recommended for coastal areas.



Royal Blue

This grass adapts well to a wide range of soil conditions and areas. It is frost tolerant and will only grow in full sunlight.


Please note for collections, as per government regulations a permit is required, and masks are to be worn to ensure your safety and ours.


Order your living lawn from us now! Call us on (031) 785 1388/ 1612.